Hello and Welcome to Scribbles of Soul!

I am Anupama, an avid reader, an emotional philosopher and an aspiring writer at heart.

This blog is a collection of poems, stories and prose pieces I write in my leisure time. They are a piece of my soul, my solitary thoughts I have tried to put on paper. I write when I am sad, I write when I am elated, I do write when I am amused or even when I feel a burning desire to brood!

I have been scribbling on paper for long and this website is an attempt to give shape to all those small verses, meaningless prose and emotional upheavals, I encounter in my waking shaking desultory life on earth.

I am a bilingual by choice and love to read and write both in Hindi and English. And as I can’t survive without my daily dose of books and after reading an especially good or at times a horribly bad one, can’t stop myself from thinking about it, I have also introduced a Review section in this blog, where I will give voice to all my reflections and afterthoughts related to books and other creative pursuits.

Hope you will enjoy my meanderings as much as I love indulging in them!