World Storytelling Day

On 20th March, 1991, in the beautiful Swedish vista, the first ever Storytelling Event was celebrated. The storytellers spun creative stories in a fun way to celebrate the Spring Equinox. The event caught many eyeballs and soon the trend spread to other parts of the Globe.

World Storytelling Day logo by Mats Rehnman.


By 2005, special themes began to be associated with the event and it was christened as World Storytelling Day, kick-starting a week long celebration of the oldest pastime. There has been a steady increase in the number of people participating in the event. Now many workshops, open mic and Storytelling sessions are organized round the world.

However this year, World Storytelling Day is even more special, as it falls on 20th March and coincides with the Indian Festival of colors ‘Holi’. Also the theme for this year’s Storytelling is Myths, Legends and Epics, a topic each of our festivals are associated with.

On Mere Shabd Mere Saath, we have made the best of both the worlds and come up with a classic Indian story by the famous hindi writer Munshi Premchand. The story is titled Aansuon ki Holi and captures the fine nuances of the Festival of Colors.



World Storytelling Day is here and so is Holi.. enjoy the colors and words, while munching on delectable gujjias and delicious thandai..

Happy Holi and Happy Storytelling to all the readers and friends… Have fun

Anupama Sarkar

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