Words Comfort Me

Words comfort me as I sit on a rickety chair, nudging me with familiar syallbles, drowning me in sweet phrases, cooing long forgotten songs, creating a colorful World merging my past, my present, my future… My broken dreams, lost hopes, falls,failures are forced to bow down to my stubborn desires, my stern willpower, my inextinguishable zeal to live…. With every movement I make the past darker, present lighter and future Airy..

Transient is the word as I slowly leave my desk at dusk to get a whiff of wintry scents, Cold has unleashed… Wind whispers softly as I walk on the paved path, trees bend, leaves mend, sounds blend as I move on… Lyrical meanderings follow dry twigs.. Comic chaos mingles with Cosmic Synergy… As I sit, As I move, As I write, As I sing, words comfort me, reminding gently of burdens yet to be unloaded, karmas yet to be settled, castles yet to be made, realities yet to be imagined.. One foot firmly on ground, one on thee, I leap on the path to infinity….

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