Wheels of Time

As I look behind, I find
A Path lined with Painful Regrets
Careless Decisions and
Bucketful of Sorrows.

As I stare ahead, I tread
A Way strewn with Unbound Desires
Limitless Hope and
Multitude of Dreams.

writing Should I continue to
Live in Unalterable Past
Or Should I delve ahead into
An Uncertain Future?
Should I live forever
Buried beneath Guilt
Or should I carve out
A Niche hitherto Unbuilt?

The Question is Vast
The Answer Unknown
With a small Quest
I launched a Storm
Breaking my Monologue
Causing my Heart to quiver
Or is it the sound of Victory
Promised as I endeavor.

Hard to Imagine
Difficult to Swallow
Is the Beauty of Life
Strong yet Shallow

Just forget the Conquest
And live life Abreast
With Present making
A Forceful Presence
Surprising one without Pretense
As I write, I understand
Whats hidden beneath the dust
Must remain Unseen
With no worries of Uncertain Future
Spoiling my Present Dream

Henceforth, I would live like a sparrow
Come Death, joy or Sorrow
Chirp amidst the Wheels of Time
Force Traitor Wind to Chime
A Mellow, tinkling sound
Ready to embark on a journey profound.


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