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Welcome 2019

As the clock strikes twelve tonight, a chapter ends, 2018 has passed with a handful of lessons and memories, and a whole new perspective opens up with 2019.

It may be old fashioned and cliche to make resolutions for new year, that invariably get broken within the first few days of the year. After all, life is not a matter of minutes, hours, days or years but a steady flow of moments. Each second we are exposed to a different energy field and a new experience, howsoever miniscule it may appear.

However, it’s never bad to plan or to dream or to think. Imagination is the blueprint of Reality. Hence it is paramount to have good fresh thoughts at the turn of a new year.

2019, adding upto 3 is yet another golden chance I get at revamping my life. So, let’s begin the year with three Resolutions. You may consider these as your go-to resolutions as well.

  1. Make Yourself a Priority. Energy is hard to tame, better use it judiciously to realize Your Dreams.
  2. Life Clock is ticking. Every second counts as an opportunity missed or grabbed. Focus on what You have achieved, missed ones were never yours. Positivity doesn’t come in packets, it is an attitude acquired painstakingly. Let it be Your Mantra.
  3. No one can spoil your mood without your permission. No one can can make you feel small without your acknowledgement. No one can can make you successful without your sincere efforts and acceptance.

In short, Life is all about Your Aspirations, Ability and Achievements. Let these be your tools to create fulfilment and happiness.

2019 is going to be my experimental year, let the ride begin 🙂

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