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Welcome 2018

Hello Everyone

2017 has taken a bow and 2018 has rolled in quietly. With the strike of 12, a new year has begun. Though as far as nature is concerned, each day breaks afresh with Sun, each night ushers the end. And, I being a nature lover, believe in this cycle as refreshing and invigorating.

But, as is the custom, a whole year has passed and it’s time to take stock of what happened right, where things went a bit rough and how well the next year may go.

Looking back at 2017, it was a year of ups and downs for me. One moment I was exhilarating, the next lying low. Same was true for my writing. Composed a few poems, wrote many prose pieces at one go and then sat silently for a few days. Perhaps this is how life flows, in ebbs and tides, climbing peaks, touching valleys.

This year, as far as Books are concerned, didn’t read many. Though whatever I read, was absorbed and my last book of the year Metamorphosis has left an indelible impression. Lone Fox Dancing and Love Story turned out to be equally good, as was Promises of a Firefly. Apparently, in 2017, I ended up reading quite a few genres, ranging from autobiography to philosophy to classics and contemporary fiction.

I wish to continue the eclectic mix in 2018 as well. Though I would try to read at a regular pace and include many more genres.

Another thing that marks 2017, is my sudden interest in movies and documentaries. I have watched maximum movies this year. Some were routine Bollywood dramas, others classic Hollywood stuff and yet others Scientific Documentaries. Enjoyed the movies a lot, though I didn’t write reviews for all of them, yet if you visit the Review section, many movies are sitting pretty there. Wish to continue doing the same in 2018 as well, though would try to post lot more reviews as well.

And certainly the biggest achievement of 2017 was the launch of my own YouTube Channel Mere Shabd Mere Saath. Had been thinking of making videos of my poems and views on creative writing for quite some time, and finally this year, it was launched and has received a good response from viewers.

All in all,a good year it has been

In 2018, I plan to add many more videos and reviews. A fresh Calender is here, and I am gearing up to make each day come alive.

As I always say, We may count time in watches, but moments are what warms the heart. So let’s beat to the tune of our heart in 2018 and do what it desires.

Happy New Year everyone. Enjoy life to the fullest.

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