The One, Netflix Series

Few years ago, there were movies on Zombies, End of the World, Aliens attack… In short, fantasies that would change the World as we know… But for last few years, there has been a shift… Now the focus is more towards Artificial Intelligence and solid Scientific data… Well, the fantasies are changing and possibly we too.. the problem with Science is that it tries to reduce everything into numbers, equations, facts, figures, formulae … Only a limited number of permutations combinations can exist with certain fixed probabilities… But is it sufficient to describe and decipher our inner and outer world? Or is this limiting our expanse, downsizing emotions and de-escalating the Evolution??

Recently watched a series on Netflix, The One, based on a novel by John Marrs… here science finds a fool proof method of finding your perfect match, your one true love, so to say, on the basis of gene mutation in DNA… Since apparently this is how Ants find their mates!!!

Yes, you read it right… The One takes the theory of pheromones in ants to human chromosome… And gives a perfect solution to finding someone with whom you feel and remain attracted for the rest of your lives!!!

I am shocked, appalled and totally out of my wit, as this series goes on spinning it’s web, breaking marriages, goading people to cheat, and giving up on families, all in the name of finding The promised One!!!

It is a fantasy and is well made with huge digs at how people promoting quick solutions, are often deceptive and fake… and yet I can’t keep wondering how much time is actually left before we begin to lose our diversity and become robot, fed and governed by pre programmed flowcharts and binary codes!!!!!

Food for thought indeed! Anupama Sarkar

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