The Monk who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and only a few to be chewed and digested”.

There is nothing better to describe the feeling I experienced while reading ‘The Monk who sold His Ferrari’ than Sir Francis Bacon’s famous words quoted above. In fact, the book under review is one of those rarest ones that should not just be digested, but also be totally assimilated in the very tissues of our body, not allowing even a single morsel to escape.

monk-who-sold-his-ferrari I first saw this book lying on the dusty shelves of my local library. However, I read only the title of the book, noticed the word Ferrari and my hyperactive imagination fooled me into believing that it must be a rich auto-enthusiast’s tryst with destiny or at the most, a travel book. And, I overlooked this priceless gem.

However, sometimes God does give us a chance to rectify our mistakes. And, I got mine, when I saw this book in the hands of my brother, a few days ago. I pitched my earlier theory to him as well, but was stunned to know that this book is all about the journey of life, one of the best inspirational book, written by a famous Motivational Speaker, Robin Sharma. And, to add icing to the cake, it was written in the form of a small novel.

Well, the small introductory lecture given by my brother stirred my curiosity and being a true blue lover of good fiction, I cuddled up with a copy of ‘The Monk who sold His Ferrari’, for a good night read.

To my utter surprise, it turned out to be a page turner, thrilling me with every phrase, refusing to be put down once I started reading it, goading me to absorb every word of it and imbibe its very soul into myself.

The story revolves around a wealthy lawyer, Julian Mantle, who suffers a massive heart attack in the court room and decides to forgo his promising career, hard earned money and his prized possession, Ferrari, to lead a life of solitude and contentment in the spiritual land of India.

John, his best friend, and the narrator of this unique story, is the first man in America, to meet the lawyer turned monk, a few years later and is shocked to notice the ages and wrinkles taken off from the face of the tired miserable over weight workaholic Julian. Initially, John believes the recent transformation to be the handiwork of an expert plastic surgeon.

However, when Julian begins to relate his story of a strange meeting with the Sages of Sivana, in the blissful higher lands of Himalayas, it becomes apparent that the noticeable change is the result of a spiritual awakening, much deeper and ethereal than a bodily change.

Robin, in his No.1 bestseller, gives some practical tips to bring positivity in your life, inspiring everyone to live in the present, without bothering about the uncertain future or the miserable past, by narrating a very interesting fable of a nine foot sumo wrestler, living in a garden with a towering light house, signifying the purpose, passion and ambition of a man’s life. Robin, with his superb communication skills, instantly establishes a rapport with the reader and motivate him towards making his life better, changing his outlook and inspiring him to enjoy the journey.

I don’t know about others, but this book moved me deeply. Even before, I could finish it, I had already started making changes in my life. Be it as little as getting up early in the morning, taking a relaxed evening stroll, forgiving others for their misbehavior or resolving to post more regularly on my site.

This book has definitely proved to be a turning point in my life, a much needed light house guiding my lost ship in the stormy night and providing me shelter from the raging sea tides, motivating me to live my life more zealously, understanding the true value of this precious opportunity God has bestowed me with, by giving me an able body and capable mind.

I may have categorized this post as a review, but, in reality, it explains the very thoughts I underwent while reading this gem of a book and I am grateful to its writer for every little positive change, his great endeavor has sprouted in me.

A must read for all.


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