SuPeR MooN

Enjoying a Full Moon night
During my regular walk.

A strange feeling stirred in me
Soaking every pore.
Is it the drop of first rain
Drenching me whole?
Or is it the fall of night dew
Washing me ashore?

The moon looks bigger
Brighter, closer to earth.

Looking at the big ball
I had a fleeting thought.
Is it really bigger ?
Or the controversy of Super Moon
Just got me engulfed more
Into a fancier thought.

At times, I feel its just the attitude that matters.
The Sun looks shinier, the big Moon flatters.
But only if the soul is satisfied within.
Without an enriched soul, the body shatters.
It feels like a cocoon, trapping the soul
Depressing one, desperate for an overhaul.

Must try harder to come out of the shell.
To break each barrier and get out of the hell.

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