Stephen Hawking

Remembering Stephen Hawking on his Death Anniversary.. wrote this a year ago on Facebook.. how quickly time flies…

“14th March, a date to be remembered by Science Buffs for centuries.. sadly though as I was updating this status to call for celebrating Albert Einstein’s birthday, I came to know that another genius Stephen Hawking has left for heavenly abode..

Hawking’s theories looked more like Science Fiction stories, and had kindled my interest in Universe.. I admire his courage and attitude… despite struggling with a rare Motor Neuron disease since the age of 21, that had rendered him incapable of moving or speaking, this remarkable man continued his research, achieving resounding success in unravelling mysteries of Black Holes and Universe at large..

Hats off to Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.. both of them have proved that nothing is impossible for an undaunted Spirit… As they say Energy changes state but can’t be destroyed… They are united in birth and death now.. My heartfelt respect for both
Anupama Sarkar”

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