Sons and Lovers, D H Lawrence

Sons and Lovers, I read this book almost two years ago. But didn’t write anything about it, a rarity with me, as the book had left me with mixed emotions. I wondered how could I like and dislike something in equal proportions? The Morel family, completely dysfunctional, with a dominant beautiful mother, a short tempered worldly less successful father, a promising elder son, a complex-ridden sister and a dutiful but confused younger son! How complicated could this story be and how truthful the writer be!

Well, I was first introduced to D H Lawrence in my PG, where the professor stressed upon the psychoanalysis of Oedipus Complex so much that I was put off without ever reading the book. Years later as my prejudice subsided and I slowly crawled out of my comfort zone, Sons and Lovers made a silent entry. But it still lay for years on the shelf before I finally began to turn the pages and realised how wrong was my professor’s introduction!

A masterpiece, a classic that almost echoes Indian households, was written by a genius in early 20th century in England and I was dumb enough to be misled by someone else’s point of view!

How similar am I to Paul! Knowing your path and yet not walking upon it. Realising your worth yet shying away. Trying to escape the prison yet lovingly holding the shackles!!! How how how complicated is human mind and heart. How could we like, dislike, love, hate, desire, put off the same emotions in equal proportions?

I am still meandering in my heart’s narrow lanes, while the mind is merrily singing it’s favorite song.

Lawrence you deserve a standing ovation for writing down what the majority of men and women can’t even admit to themselves. How torn we feel between love and responsibilities. How often we compromise in the name of society. How easily we give in to others demands. And how empty we feel while being alone for eternity! Anupama Sarkar

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