Self Motivation

Have you ever wondered how easy it is to spare time to watch your favorite TV serial or attend a coveted party or football match, but losing weight, sticking to your routine or even doing the normal home chores, require extra effort. A thousand things waver around, clamouring for attention and squeezing a tiny amount of time becomes super difficult. It seems as if you are running a race, losing steam at every juncture, getting depressed at every small obstacle, and giving up at the starting point itself.

Remember when you first decided to go for a morning walk, jealously looking at your friend’s perfectly toned body, getting embarrassed about your own flabby seal like appearance. But, on first day itself, rolling off the bed in morning seemed a horrendous task. Eyes refused to open up, legs denied to walk and you were stuck onto that feather bed, engulfed in soothing mattresses, pinning you down in a drunken stupor. And, leave alone losing weight or gaining muscles, you never made it to the neighboring park!

Well, laziness may be a word for it, but I strongly feel that lethargy stems from lack of motivation. We tend to make excuses only when our heart is not interested in making things happen. The physical units of time, strength and means have little significance in comparison to will power. Mountains can be moved, flowing rivers be constrained, wild horses be trained, only if one sets his heart onto it. Nothing is impossible in this world. Setting a target and moving towards it at full steam, hardly requires anything more than a flickering of teeny-tiny hope.

And, more than anything else, self motivation is the key to success. It is not easy to relentlessly pursue a goal, if you are not committed to it from your heart. Inspiration can give a good beginning, but to carry forward the baton, an iron will is required that comes only from inside.

So, whether it be shaping your body, life or destiny, have faith in your abilities, trust your instincts and begin to walk towards your goal, taking baby steps. Soon self motivation would take over the conscious efforts and you would find yourself racing or rather flying towards the target. Do not forget, achievement is a sweet nectar waiting to be hugged, sucked and enjoyed at the end of road. Just run towards it….

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