River and Woman

An unobstructed river has two options- to maintain her carefree flow, act benevolently for those on her banks and then merge happily with ocean, losing her identity, becoming one with sea, exchanging its sweetness for the salty existence of the ocean.

Or, to be divided into numerous channels, some of which may become rivers or be dried as riverbeds, converting its liquidity for the flat solidity.

Her existence is to be obliterated in both the cases. It may act for the betterment of mankind. But, the river flow is to be bonded. This bondage is in fact a change in state, to merge into largeness for benefit of all.

Strangely, stream, river, ocean are, but, stages in woman’s life. A girl is born as a cheerful little stream. She is naughty, she is sweet, she flows with undivided attention,chuckling and merrily singing all the while. She flows down the hill slopes, passes through the taverns and takes into her folds every little thing that comes in the way.

The lively stream reaches the plains, gets a certain degree of restrain, a calmness surrounds her, leading poise and grace to her existence. This unbound enthusiasm of the downstream flow is somewhat restrained, leading to sobriety and calm. Such is the onset of adolescence. The girl is innocent but is more aware of her surroundings. She requires a sober atmosphere to grow fully, needs the unsolicited support of her parents, who protect from bad influence all the time, giving her ample attention, to let the creative juices flow in right directions.

River is vast, unended, calm taking into her stride all the obstacles, at times affecting her for a while, but the youth is an elixir, it can bounce back after getting hit in the middle. She is carefree in her own ways. She behaves more like a slate. If something bad is encountered on her way, she obliterates it from her memory so that she can grow and enjoy the fruits, that would one day be hers alone. She is like a mirror, reflecting one and sundry. Resisting others charms and enjoying centre stage attention, she inches towards her goals. She flows incessantly, stopping just to refill her diminishing expanse, not even once being subjected to any slowdown. The life is moving and so is she, flowing towards her ultimate goal of becoming one with sea.

The sea is huge, unnerving and is ready to engulf her entire being. But, that’s where she ultimately belongs, so she progresses towards her penultimate target, ready to be thrown in those open, welcoming arms, to  rush into the state of non-individuality with her essential effervescence. In the sea, she would find her true nemesis.

She desired for completeness and emotional security, and now its going to be hers. She would definitely have to forgo her  own emotions, for the greater good of others.It is essential to quit her ego, to become a wife and a mother is tougher than being just a woman.

She is no longer a child or a young woman. Her identity has now grown up along with her years. She is mature, she is the creator, the producer, the nurturer, the protector. Multi pronged approach is needed for fulfilling all these roles.

She is not one person. She is synonymous with so many others. Her husband, her kids, her in-laws,extended relatives, neighbours all encompass her big drawn out world. The water is salty lending to it the taste of her sweat. She has to toll hard, use her entire energy for the greater benefit of others.

But, isn’t this the beauty of nature? The creator becomes one with her creations. She is not one, but omnipresent. A part of her is present in every being , an integral part of her soul. Her soul is as before pure, unblemished, unaffected by numerous afflictions around. She is positive, pristine white and is going to be holier while sweating for her loved ones. She has become one with ocean. She is the ocean herself- a huge mirror reflecting her bounty in all its abundance.

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