Right or Wrong

I drink a glass of water
To quench my thirst.
I eat a slice of bread
To curb my hunger first.

It is strange that
I can’t endure thirst or hunger.
It is stranger that
I can’t contain resent or anger.

Why is it that
I need to revolt?
Why is it that
I protest a lot?

Is it a good idea
to say whats on your mind?
Is there any need
to listen what people say behind?

It is better to avoid
any bitter thought.
It is far better to neglect
if someone fought.

Life is small, lasting for four days!
Why indulge in pall and not prays!

This is a precious lesson
I learnt from my mistake.
This is required to lessen
The pain I had to take.

Let me go on my path
Unobstructed, Unheeded.
Let me indulge in life
Unprotested, Unweeded.

Do not care for right or wrong
Carry on with life & be strong.

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