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Reading Challenge 2014

I have been reading books ever since I remember. Countless poems, lots of stories and quite a few novels passed through my hands, pleased my eyes and gratified my heart.

writing But, for some strange reason, I never counted them. It appeared as if I was literally swimming in an ocean of words, surrounded by pearls of wisdom, soaking myself wet with their awesome thoughts. As I look back, I feel that I have always been very impulsive with selecting and reading books. I did try to limit myself with a To Be Read list in 2013, but my overzealous streak took over and I ended up reading what I hadn’t listed.

And, boy, what a year 2013 was! I joined some great facebook groups, registered on indiblogger, logged onto Goodreads, interacted a lot on twitter and discovered a hell lot of new talents and classics. I do plan to continue with the flow and keep on reading and reviewing the best I can lay my hands on and hopefully the quantity and quality of books would surpass the year gone by.

I have not prepared any To Be Read List for 2014 as I want to give full freedom to my impulsive nature and read whatever catches my fancy. But, I have challenged myself to read 60 books in 2014 and am excited to delve deep into the unknown treasures I am bound to discover in this journey. Be a part of my voyage and follow my progress on my new page Book Lists and Goodreads. Looking forward to your comments, recommendations and suggestions.

Happy reading 🙂


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