Ratched, Netflix Series

Four priests mercilessly killed by a deranged man… A psychiatric state hospital run by a Japanese doctor… A less than ordinary Governor running the state of Lucia in his corrupt evil manner… A mysterious nurse who appears from nowhere, hell bent upon joining duty in Lucia Psychiatric hospital, already facing financial crisis… And a whole lot of other men and women, looking sane but in reality, worse than crazy… Well, welcome to the world of Ratched, a Netflix series, my newest watch 🙂

Yes, my love with Netflix continues for the third month in a row 😁 and Ratched made sure that I would be watching many more series before I give up on this money gobbling 😰 giant

Ratched is inspired from the famous nurse of novel One flew over the Cuckoo Nest… And attempts to trace the early events in the life of the merciless nurse, often hailed upon as Angel of Mercy!

And though I have not read the novel, but the series is so addictive that I bet you won’t be able to stop watching this maniacal suspense drama till you drop dead oops they all (almost all the characters) drop dead 🤪

A fantastic one 🤠 Anupama Sarkar

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