Poor Squirrel

A squirrel came into the house

I mistook her as a mouse.

But a mouse would not venture in day

And, her long tail gave her away.

She was running at frantic speed

I was afraid to eat or sleep.

She wagged her tail & chirped aloud

Making all kinds of strange sound.

She was afraid to be trapped in house

She had to escape, she was no mouse.

Used to trees and grass alike

She felt bad & tried to hide.

I opened all doors & waited with patience

I wanted her to be freed without complications.

But she was afraid & made no escape

Remained in house for next three days.

One morning I heard her chirping aloud

Outside the door, a cat meowed.

Squirrel was jumping on the door

Afraid to step out as cat was close.

Brother tried to scare the cat

Splashing water and throwing mat.

As cat ran, he opened all door

And waited for squirrel to go.

But she did not try & remained in house

After three days, we found a mouse.

Dead  in a corner, moving no more

Oh! it was she, who couldn’t find a door.

She had no courage, so could not escape

Tried to hide in garbage & died without trace.

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