At times it is so easy to
Express your plight.
A scream is all it needs.

But how to show
Those inner wounds that
Refuse to heal and
Continue to bleed.

Invisible to everyone
But lethal indeed.

These invisible pins
Prick you like hell
But are Impossible to tell.

The more you cover them up
The more prominently they show.
On a clear glass
They shine like a red glow.

Desperate to claim attention
Changing color of bandage
that holds them in place.

Bursting out of each pore
Flowing like pus in space.

Perhaps that’s the reason
They do not get cured.
They are ever thirsty to suck
On our blood pure .

Like a hungry weed
Ready to decimate our existence
Adding to its own breed.

In our excess affection
They simply grow.


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