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The Vendor of Sweets by R.K. Narayan

Time is a strange teacher. It makes you act contrary to all your judgements, beliefs and desires. It is a great leveler too, as only it can make sure that whatever has happened would be rectified in due course. ‘The Vendor of Sweets’ by R.K. Narayan, the master creator of […]

by July 7, 2010 Review

God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy’s First and till date, the only novel- ‘God of Small Things’ created quite a stir in 1997 by winning Booker Prize. In my earlier years, I have always yearned to read this novel, partly because of the buzz it created and hugely because the title attracted me. A […]

by July 7, 2010 Review

Swami & Friends by R.K.Narayan

Swami and Friends is the first novel written by R.K. Narayan, the classic Indian English writer. The novel is set in pre-independence era and revolves around a ten year old kid, Swaminathan, living in Malgudi. This is the first novel in the trilogy of novels written by Narayan, the next […]

by July 6, 2010 Review
Love Birds

Love Birds

“Red, Pink, Black, Green, Yellow, Peach”. “No, not peach, its fuschia.” “What? Come again, Fu…fu…uuschhiaa, What’s that?” “Its the colour of Delhi, my dear, at this time of winter. Can’t you see flowers blooming, with enchanting aroma around you, lending an ever sweet flavour to the hair raising cold..” “But, […]

by July 4, 2010 Fiction

Water by Bapsi Sidhwa based on Deepa mehta’s Film

This is the first time, I have read a novel based on a film. Usually, it is the other way round ; Books inspire Film makers to make movies, following their creativity, adding much needed spices to transform a good written story into a commercially viable cinematic experience. But, I […]

by June 26, 2010 Review

Eleven minutes by Paulo Coelho

Eleven Minutes struck me as a title and the excitement increased manifold when I noticed the author’s name – Paulo Coelho. I had heard this name many times before, but never had the opportunity to read his books, so I picked it up instantly. The author’s preface made it clear […]

by June 3, 2010 Review
River and Woman

River and Woman

An unobstructed river has two options- to maintain her carefree flow, act benevolently for those on her banks and then merge happily with ocean, losing her identity, becoming one with sea, exchanging its sweetness for the salty existence of the ocean. Or, to be divided into numerous channels, some of […]

by May 28, 2010 Articles

Poor Squirrel

A squirrel came into the house I mistook her as a mouse. But a mouse would not venture in day And, her long tail gave her away. She was running at frantic speed I was afraid to eat or sleep. She wagged her tail & chirped aloud Making all kinds […]

by May 27, 2010 Poetry