Orphan Black, Netflix Series

What if you see someone jump right in front of a train and die? And a moment before that person commits suicide, you realise that she has your face!!!

Shocked, well hang on. This series on Netflix “Orphan Black” is meant to give you thousand watt shocks and then turn the reality upside down. Apparently, not just face, the whole genetic makeup is similar for five women!

Cloning is no longer a distant possibility, but Orphan Black gives the concept a whole new meaning. As Sarah Manning runs across the state to save and protect her family, everything and everyone takes on a new identity.

Loving the series so far. Three seasons with 10 episodes each have me hooked for days now. Though, ironically the protagonists Sarah and Carl look so similar to Kajol and Aditya Roy Kapoor that I am baffled whether the concept of cloning is already in full swing 🤪

Watch at your own risk and pace. Baffling at best… Anupama Sarkar

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