Noor: Hindi Movie

Just finished watching Noor. The movie was released in April 2017 and as I was surfing Amazon Prime today, I looked at its poster a little closely.

The heroine featured on title, resembled Sonakshi Sinha. As she is one actress I have begun to admire after I watched her off beat film Akira. I thought why not watch it, though I didn’t remember the movie Noor making headlines in last few months!

Well, barely three minutes into the movie and I was laughing. Oh My God! Sunhil Sippy has just made Bridget Jones come alive on screen and I was all this time, imagining that her Diary was finally forgotten!

Well, let me be not too mean. I had almost enjoyed reading Bridget Jones’s Diary 6 years ago, at least the first part. Though, was thoroughly disappointed with its sequel Edge of Reason.

So I grabbed my pillow and settled down on my diwan to watch Sonakshi enact the fat blabbering girl, pissed off with her non happening career, trying hard not to show her frustration at her single status and failing at it in the most hilarious way possible!

Oh! I loved it. Her constant frown, her habit of saying bad things to the right people at the wrong time! Cursing herself for being stuck at the lowest rung, yet not making any moves to make her life better! Being constantly sidelined or at least, she thought so and yet hanging on with the same set of people! What a poisonous, vicious life!

Yes, Sonakshi as Noor portrayed Bridget in her true colors and I did enjoy the film for some time.

But then, to give movie a desi avatar and a larger than life appeal, I don’t know why but the track was totally changed. Illegal organ scam; unethical journalism; dishonest Casanova boyfriend; bombarded the screen screwing Noor’s career and making her hellish life even more miserable!

I was getting impatient now, wanted to switch off TV and go back to Ruskin Bond’s real world, but then the stubborn kitty in me, who doesn’t believe in letting go, once she is at something, purred me on!

Well, the movie did change tracks once again. And now a sheer frustrated last ditch attempt at using Social Media, makes Noor famous. Yes, she reaches the Hall of Fame, with a Sagarika Ghose look alike, when her video gets viral on FB and Twitter!

Ahem! Ahem! I am at a loss, what to say now. Noor is back in action, her long standing cute but utterly unimpressive friend proposes her and she is back to uttering Buddha Quotes at the end of the movie!

Oh My! What did I just watch! I laughed, I felt angry and I did feel frustrated. Yup, Noor did stir emotions in me, but still the movie lacks any real substance and no wonder I have never heard of it in last few months.

But, still I thought it is an unusual one. Till I googled it for a pic, and found that the movie is supposedly based on a Pakistani novel Karachi! You are Killing Me!

What the Hell! Two novels screwed to produce such a story! Pathetic! Or is the second novel, actually an offshoot of Bridget!

I don’t know. And I don’t want to know. I have never before used so many exclamation marks in my review!!!!

Noor! You almost killed Me!!

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