Nature and Humanity

I saw a Sea when I was small
Currents were high, I was enthralled.
Sea was majestic, my attention called
Then I tasted water and was appalled.

The water was salty, not to my taste
I was thirsty, so I left in haste.

I looked for a brook, which was small
I bowed down and took water in bowl.
I noticed downstream, a small town
Dependent on sweet water that flowed down.

I drank the water and thought hard
How could something be so alike, yet so far.
Water is same in river and sea, Yet one
Quenches thirst, the other can’t support a tree

When I grew up I understood
Brook is a child, sea adulthood.
We are all born as a stream
Full of life, splendid with dream.

But, as years pass, we are corrupted
Vices attack and virtues polluted
Sweetness is replaced by envy and hatred
Blood is curdled, love is degraded.

But thank God, there is a brook near each sea
To quench thirst and support trees.
For each vicious adult, there is an innocent kid
Making humanity sane and vivid.

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