Mona Lisa

How do you make something popular.. Simple.. embroil it in a controversy… Just saw another episode of Museum Secrets.. apparently Mona Lisa wasn’t too popular till a repairman (slightly soft in head, as discovered later) decided to take it from Louvre Museum and simply walk away !

The theft was widely covered in media.. and as the World War I was secretly brewing in the hearts of French.. Germany was conveniently blamed for the disappearance..

02 years later, after utilizing the best of it’s detective mantle, the painting was finally recovered in Italy… A little torture and the story tumbled out… A mere whim of a bored Workman, made the painting one of the most famous and talked about Masterpiece…

Now, Mona Lisa is securely placed behind bullet proof glass, too far away from the curious crowds and whimsical gentlemen 😉 😀

There is no doubt that it is a great work of art by Lionardo Da Vinci.. but I don’t think it would have garnered so much name and fame without the aid of that unscrupulous thief…

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