Michelangelo in Sistine Chapel

Just watched a documentary on Michelangelo’s Frescoes in Sistine Chapel.. and I am amazed at the sheer brilliance and magnitude of work done by the phenomenal artist.

Despite not being a painter but a sculpture artist, commissioned on a whim by Warrior Pope Julius, Angelo painted over 300 figures on sixty feet high roof in just 04 years.. and most of these paintings are life like, giving a 3D effect when looked at from the ground level… The most famous among them is Creation of Adam, where God and Man’s fingers appear to be touching yet apart, allowing lots of allusions and theories to ponder upon…

However, while Angelo painstakingly worked, craning his neck 7 days a week, Pope Julius conveniently chided and beat him to hurry up… Unable to Bear the stress of neck breaking tedious work, Angelo ended up writing an emotional poem about those days.. He also drew a sketch on the roof, representing himself while painting in an awkward position..

Who said Art is effortless flow of emotions… it wrings the insides and churns the brain of the artist, before anything worthwhile can be created..

I don’t know if I would ever get a chance to visit and see the marvel of Sistine Chapel with my own eyes.. but for now I am drowning myself in these breathtaking Frescoes and of course the written words of the genius Angelo…
Pics from Google

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