Malancha by Rabindranath Tagore

Malancha literally means Garden, and an apt title for a novella, that concentrates on a childless couple whose entire life revolves around their garden, providing them with money and the much needed respite from their routine lives.

However, things turn sour after Niraja is bedridden due to a miscarriage and Aditya’s distant cousin and friend Sarala enters into their lives. Sickly Neeraja suspects that Sarala, wishes to usurp her position in Aditya’s heart as well as their garden.

malancha-by-rabindranath-tagore The frustration and anger of Neeraja creates tension and rift between the couple. And the novel traces the turmoil in the protagonists hearts and the awkward position, they find themselves in.

Though I am a fan of Tagore‘s craftsmanship and his ability to portray human emotions in the most impressive way, I found Malancha, a bit too digressing. The novel lays emphasis on the tension between the couple by means of flowers and garden and nature. But, I was frankly bored by the novel and just read the novel to its climax, as I was curious to know the end.

As always, the end is totally different from my expectations, and I felt that was the salvage point of the novel.

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