Magic of Life

“People end up killing what they love the most.”

As I read Valkyries by Paulo Coelho, the above said phrase touched a chord in my heart, and since then, it is reverberating in my mind. It is one of those universal truths which we all know, but somehow fail to acknowledge!

In our zeal to achieve perfection, we end up transforming a hobby into competition, putting all our strength in it. And, suddenly, one day we end up dejected. Our wishes get bottomed out, energy is fizzled and a great pastime begins to give goosebumps, a la Under the Banyan Tree. Perhaps overzealous approach makes it sound too easy and familiar, and the creative juices dry up.

The same goes with relationships, love and even spirituality. Once the honeymoon period is over, the dreams crash hard on the ground of reality, breaking our hearts. And, we end up killing what we love the most!

Then, what is the solution? Should we stop taking new challenges, ignore the hot blooded rush of emotions and simply bypass the beautiful feeling of being loved, cared or create?

But, then, what can one achieve, by living life on the threshold, lying supine as a dead leaf, waiting for the wind to carry it to places. Living equates passion, without it poems won’t be composed, stories won’t be written and new inventions won’t be made.

As I struggle to strike an equilibrium, I have discovered that the only solution to fight boredom is to exercise a caution. We should not burn the candle of life from both the ends. Take it easy, and at times let opportunities come to you, instead of running behind them like a mad man. Let the mind be awakened at the opportune moment, feel the first blush of love, the first flush of happiness, and you would discover Magic, the magic of life, feeding the soul in a pious manner.


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