Lust or Love

Women often mistake
Men’s Lust as Love
He praises her beauty
Caresses her tresses
Showers kisses
Each and every action
Screams physical attention
And yet the woman, stupidly
Misunderstands it as Love
She cares, She worries
She dares, She hurries
She is neck deep in love
Her bosom may excite Him
Her lower lips may invite Him
But His Manhood is least of her concerns
She is in another World
Where twinkling of her lover’s eyes
His undivided regard, his loyal care
Matters more much more than
False Promises he doles out
She gets drunk on his words
Fills herself with his World
Oh Woman! You are so gullible
Mistaking Lust as Love!!!
©Anupama Sarkar

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