Love Coins

On a Dark Cold Night Eons ago
As She sat near the Alcove
Winds Howled, Curtains Rustled
Embers burnt in Eternal Tussle

She was Pensive, a little Lost
Anxiously holding a Mighty Tome
The Book was A Work of Magic
Engraved in Golden “Destiny Unfold”

Shaking with Fear, Fingers caressed
The Bruised Spine, Withering Layers
Senile smell pervaded her Nose
As she brought the Papers Close

Language was ancient, Alien to her
She simply touched a Golden Purse
Ah! A Mysterious Coin Dropped
Making the Loudest Tinkle of Love

Sadness vanished, as She blushed
Embers leapt, Summoning her Crush
Decked up in the Royal Gear
Pinned Emblem, Sword Swerved
As He Went down on his Knee,
O Maiden! I present a Wishing Purse to thee

These Coins are made of True Love
Each time one Tinkles , I will be here
I am Yours, Bonded to thee forever
Her smile waned, She swooned,
And in a trance, threw the Purse in Fire
“Love needs no shackles, You are free”

Molten Coins colored the Woods
As Charming Prince Walked Out
Promising her to Return whenever
Her Golden Heart Sings Aloud….

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