Lord Krishna

When I look at this painting by Raja Ravi Verma, I am swayed by many emotions… He was a pioneer of poster making and responsible for allowing household and common people, to keep and pray to beautiful portraits of their revered God’s and Goddesses at their homes ..

How art is influenced by the region of an artist is nowhere more prevalent than his paintings.. the rounded faces of women, with saree draped over the other shoulder, being his signature style.. notwithstanding the fact that this kind of attire isn’t prevalent in Mathura, Ayodhya or North India, where the stories of Rama, Krishna and Mahabharata, he painted so prolifically, are based..

But then who knows what and how people dressed and lived in those times… Art is all about giving free reign to your imagination and creativity… And what else are our Deities and the associated festivals than a celebration of one’s deepest, choicest desires..

Lord Krishna’s leelas as a naughty, endearing child…his teen romance peppered with just the right amount of devotion and chivalry.. his acts of bravery as a teenager and prince… and the all encompassing role of mentor, guide, creator and spectator of the most talked about war… are nothing but a life played out , giving minute by minute account of how a person should live zealously, opening his heart wide enough, treating the world with love and compassion… and yet be clever enough to not compromise one’s own life goals, be true to one’s spiritual leanings.. following and molding dictat as the situation demands..

Krishna’s life isn’t idealistic like Rama’s… He isn’t a slave to destiny.. he believes in karmas and free will… And is a harbinger of action.. walking on a tight rope of philosophical thoughts and ground realities… Acting out a Life Manual for humanity…

I can go on and on about Krishna and yet not be able to touch upon a millionth of his persona.. and yet I can simply gaze upon his innocent image of a child with his mother… And feel safe in this chaotic world..

All of us are here to learn our life lessons… And who is a better teacher than Krishna… Welcome my God with open arms… He is coming, cradled in the dark nights of Moon… With a flicker of Hope in his eyes…

Jai Shree Krishna…….
Words by Anupama
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