Life Never Fails To Surprise

Life never fails to surprise.
One moment I am in ditches.
Next moment I am flying high.

The sky soars the earth rolls.
Next moment everything is put on hold.
One moment is so different from next.
I can hardly tell what to expect.

I wait with bated breath
To enwrap myself with a wreath
And then appears a magic wand
I am free as a bird ready to dance.

But scarcely I look down and realize
The higher the rise the deeper the fall
I am stuck in an eternal brawl.

Success and failure are
Two sides of same coin
But how we lust for one
And fear for the other
Sadly it often lands on my afeared side
Clearly biased against my pride.

But I will not stop till my last breath
Will fall and rise and rise again
Till I finish my eternal quest.

This journey is too strong to withhold.
Any emotions any motions
Nothing can stop this mighty gall.


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