Life is sweet

There were two roads

So to say

One of yes, the other of nay

I chose the one less traveled by

Thats made all the difference in life

Getting a house is easy

But to make it a home is tricky

God gives us life

Then let us decide what to do with it

Should there be a period after the

initial warm home coming

Or the celebration will continue life time

Making me go against the tide

Life being an open book with nothing to hide

I am nobody to decide

He is there, up there in the sky

Smiling sweetly at my state

Becoz he knows what is next

I am ignorant & still so desperate

to know what is in future

Why cant I let it remain a mystery

Why do I want to explore it like  History

They say past is past, future is nowhere near

Present is all we have, thats why it is called PRESENT dear

Let the life be warmed by the sweetness of dream

Let the future unfurl the surprise

Sky be the limit who dare to asprire

Work hard and perspire.

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