Journey of life

Life never fails to amaze you. At every turn, a new opportunity is waiting to be availed of. The moment a door is closed, thousands of windows open, each captivating enough to be entered and explored.

Sometimes, you lose hope waiting for the end to engulf you, leading you to a dead end. You are ready to jump off the cliff and put a full stop to this life, but you notice a trail at some distance, it entices you, promising you a new taciturn in the bewilderment and you fall prey to its charm. You postpone your intended jump and start walking towards the new found trail, fresh with the hope of getting juicy reward at the end of your latest venture. How easy it becomes to forget all the sorrows, to start walking towards the newly discovered joy. Just a pinch of good luck can drown all your gloominess and refresh you, with a strange scent of promised joyous events.

Perhaps, God knows our limits. He punishes us to the extent, we can bear and the moment our limit is reached, he drops an embalmed feather to soothe our frayed nerves. Our faith in Almighty is restored, hope is rekindled and we become brave enough to tread on the thorn laced path once again.

This is the journey of life. It jolts us, calms us and gives us novel thoughts to chew on. We have to abide time till everything is restored to normalcy, till an end is reached. Either our desires must vanish or they must be satiated to such an extent that it becomes meaningless to carry on with this life. Till then, life is a dream worth dreaming, a journey worth enjoying. Whether in joy or sorrow, we have to continue living, discovering greener pastures, making new beginnings, with His Holiness blessings and support.


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