Inspiration springs from a glad heart

Inspiration springs from a glad heart,
happiness inspires creativity,
joy leads to fount of creation,
culminating in pinnacle of wisdom.
Wise man lives to full,
without caring about any lull,
come hail or snow,
he is always ready for the show.
Performing center stage
gathering accolades from one and all
never bothers about the fall,
collects rewards and blame
with gentleness of a game

life is not very different from what you see on stage
it is a theater that never age
performances vary so do actors
but the script is same, hardly alters

one is born, parents celebrate
one graduates peers elate
job, marriage, kids follow
giving peace and sorrow
time passes without a stop
leading one onto a drop
luck alternates with misfortune
bringing in its wake trouble n joy
its wise to avoid the pitfall
and stay clear of claims tall

I am learning this lesson
a bit slow and steady
its not easy to avoid friction
but try I must if only to live once
to feel warmth of fire and wetness of rain.
to be frozen by cold, smoldered by winds
give me strength to carry on unhindered, unblemished,
Unpolluted by the filth that surrounds me now.
Hitting me with a resounding wow.

This phase will pass too
in its own time and leave me wise too.
This knowledge helps me to remain sane
Amidst the heady chaos and terrible strain.
World is a stage, I a puny actor
contributing a small factor.
In the vast ocean let my drop float and survive
I need your help to thrive…

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