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How to get away with Murder

How to get away with MURDER?
Simple! Twist the facts, confuse the jury, discredit the witnesses and pin the crime on some innocent non suspecting individual !!

Truth, Morality, Justice are thrown out of the World, as Annalise Keating, ruthlessly tears apart the Laws of the Land and dictats of love and humanity. But given the company she keeps and the karmas she suffers, Murder seems the most innocent crime of all, where there is a body, and a tag of Killer floating around, to be pinned conveniently on a boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/lover. Her entire world is make believe based on deceits and lies, including her hair, body and life!

This series has a strange appeal, and you will be kept on the edge of your sofas without ever being allowed to feel a shred of sympathy for the gullible victims, both murdered and convicted!!

This series has a strange even grotesque appeal. Though the storyline jumps from past to present in a haphazard manner yet the continuity never breaks. While watching I felt as if I was trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle and indeed this is how a suspense thriller should work.

However I fail to understand the obsession of American series makers with homosexuality. Every series has to have a gay or lesbian or bi-sexual character, ready to drop everything on a whim! Well, this series could have done well enough without such scandalous acts but what to do, it’s probably the new trend, so had to endure. Anupama Sarkar

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