Hope is the strangest bird

Hope is the strangest bird
I have ever seen.
It’s madly in love with Positivity.
World may be upside down
Everyone is ready to drown
Your wishes, your existence.

But Hope will keep hoping
That Every road has an interesting turn
Taking you into a newer region.

Hope is the maddest bird
I have ever met.
Chirping when it’s sunshine or even
When earth is dripping wet.
It has never known failure.
Always drunk on Optimism n Cheer.

Though at times
When goings are tough
And your life is in fear
It runs, it flies, it even disappears.

But the moment you smile
It comes back skipping
Tripping, hopping on its back
And brings with it a fresh whiff of air.
Making me believe that world is fair.

Of course, till I meet another slump
Hope will continue to be my best friend!

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