Healing Yourself through Chakras

Life has an uncanny habit of hitting you, when you least expect it to. I firmly believe that life is nothing but a walk through tough terrains of crazy mountains and ravenous rivers, where peaks are bound to be followed by deep valleys and each ebb would bring a fresh tide. These highs and lows, failures and successes are valuable lessons, propelling us towards attaining the real purpose of life, necessary ingredients for our Selves to grow.

However, at times, we get stuck in the lower realms, losing zeal to survive and it becomes really difficult to continue the journey anymore. Adverse circumstances continuously hammer your beliefs. Body and mind refuse to obey and go haywire, your very existence is threatened and you feel incapable to do anything but cry hoarsely and scream silently. In short, a dead end.. And, then, all of a sudden, a reflex, a blinding light of hope, bolts out of your innermost self, rescuing you from falling into the unfathomable pit of dilemmas and indecisions, restoring your faith in Your Own.

I like to call it my Higher Self, residing in my innermost chambers, with a steady supply of elixir, a drop of which is sufficient to rejuvenate my battered existence, infusing me with new life force at regular intervals. We may consider it as the mystical mysterious working of Soul, with years of experience and expertise firmly secured under it’s belt. Or, we can accept the religious point of view, and call it the God, the Almighty, the Omnipotent. Whatever may It be called, it does know how to stay put in stormy weather and meet the challenges head on.

Even when our mind is not able to fathom the troubles, the Inner Self does know how to protect itself. The moment it senses something wrong, it begins to gently push the body towards healing process. Inclination towards religious rituals, chanting mantras, fishing for solutions from astrologers/soothsayers are some of the externally visible methods, that may catch our attention and we become privy to the thought that something is essentially going wrong in our life process.

However, long before these extreme methods of healing are undertaken, the subconscious makes intangible changes in body and mind, almost indiscernible to the negligent self. The healing begins as soon as we are hurt!

Have you ever felt sudden pangs for sunbathing or for a stroll in garden or an insatiable desire for certain food items or specific colors? Well, it is all related to your inner self activating or rather healing specific Chakras.

Chakras, a term often used in Spiritual/ Meditative realm are quintessential energy centers or nerve junctions, involved in one or other physical/mental/emotional functions. Strictly speaking, there are 114 Chakras, out of which two are outside physical body. However, essentially there are seven predominant chakras, that can easily be located or felt even by individuals like us, who are beginners in meditation. In fact, subtle changes are made unconsciously by all of us, in an attempt to balance these Chakras, in our day to day life.

Baffled? No, don’t be. Whether we realize it or not, all of us do have a certain degree of awakening, and are constantly evolving. It is not a matter of religion, spirituality or philosophy, but the reason of our very existence, our life purpose.

Let me quote an example from my own life. Six months ago, I faced lots of family issues, worried a lot and was constantly anxious. I was so stressed out that I felt tired 24 × 7. Even after a whole night sleep, I would wake up feeling drained. Getting up in the morning and going to work became tedious. I had become careless towards basic hygiene, even simple chores like cooking and dressing up, seemed daunting. I remained in a foul, depressive mood, not interested in talking to anyone or even writing or reading, that have been my hobbies for long. To make matters worse, I even experienced empty headedness for few days. Standing for a few minutes used to stress me out so much that I literally found my legs going crumbly, and experienced a sense of floating around.

Scary? Yes, it was.

Stressing out is one thing, but feeling completely drained and unable to fathom your next step is quite another. Strangely, I have never had any Addiction. I don’t even eat meat, leave alone indulging in alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or gambling. Morally also, I have always been upright. And, yet here I was, totally devastated, devoid of life force and confused as hell. The only reason was excessive emotional strain, I have subjected myself to.

As days passed, things got even more confusing. I was constantly in tears, worrying about Future and yet not knowing how to endure the constraining Present.

However, despite being emotionally shattered, a part of me believed that all this was temporary. I am strong inside and would come out of this pit, pretty soon. Listening to that bleak voice, I began journaling my feelings. Writing provided some relief, but lot more was required. I noticed that for last few months, I was so engrossed in problems related to others that I had completely ignored my own needs. I had no time left for my own care and it threatened my existence badly.

In an attempt to restore my old habits, I began my night walk again. It is a hobby, I have indulged in for last few years. I simply pace around my verandah, looking at sky, stars and trees around. It has always calmed me down, it’s my idea of ‘me time’. And as I walked to and fro, picking up speed and letting myself filled with night time scents and noises, I felt slightly clear headed. I looked at the vast sky above and felt connected. I also realized that I was desperate to go strolling in garden as well. I wanted to be around trees and birds. A part of me wanted to go back to nature. And so I did.

Though common sense dictates that if you are low in energy, you should lie low and conserve it. But here I was, tiring my body in walks on cemented grounds and soft grasslands, and strangely feeling rejuvenated!!

Yes, something was happening. I could sense a shift in my energy, in my mood. By and by, I became more acquainted to my needs. I began to notice what I desire on day to day basis. And then, I realized that in past few months, I have been literally living in red clothes, even using red bindi and lipstick. In fact, there wasn’t a single day when I did not want to put on red color on my body. There was also a craving for lemons and to incorporate yellow and orange colors in my wardrobe. I found it a bit strange, as I have never worn orange or yellow colored clothes before. But, now there was something pushing me towards making this change.

Initially, I felt I was reading a bit too much, these were insignificant. But then there came a stage, when I drank lemon juice and tea for some days continuously and felt instantly better. I decided to make changes in my wardrobe as well. And, it also caused another shift in my energy. Yes, something was moving, I was getting acquainted with myself. Sort of getting aware of my own self.

These were miniscule changes, followed by lots of reading on how to connect better with your higher self. While coursing through youtube videos and articles on meditation, I hit upon the Chakra balancing techniques and realized to my utter surprise, that the changes I subconsciously made, were actually healing strategies for Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.

Root Chakra is the first prominent Chakra, situated between the anal and genital organs, at the base of spine, and as I have experienced, is one of the most susceptible to imbalance. It governs the feeling of security, safety, belongingness, in short the root of our very existence. It is aptly called Moolaadhaar Chakra.

Moolaadhaar is a composite Sanskrit word consisting of ‘Mool’ (Beginning/Origin) and ‘Aadhaar’ (Base/Foundation). So, the name itself communicates that it is the base of our beginning, the very foundation of our origin. And, so is the location as well as the function of Root Chakra.

In my life, the stress I experienced, cut me off from my fundamental reason of existence. I was so much out in the open, thinking about others’ welfare and being fearful of future events, that my sense of Present got deviated from my body. As a result, I felt disconnected from my own needs and goals, leading to feelings of emptiness and lack of purpose. While it took me quite some time to diagnose what’s wrong with me, on the basis of these symptoms, my Inner Self was well aware of the problems even before they manifested externally.

Root Chakra is concentrated Red Energy and derives force from the ground, so to heal, red color and getting in touch with earth is required. And, that was exactly what I was doing, by wearing predominantly red color clothes and cosmetics, and also by strolling in parks and Verandahs, trying to be close to nature. Also, my night walks and looking at vast open night sky, were a form of re-connecting with the Higher Force, to have faith in my origin and capability be restored. The feeling of ‘I Exist’ and ‘I Belong Here’ are quintessential for our survival, and in a way, my inner self was making sure that I won’t sever the vital connection of my Being.

The point to be noted is that I was able to understand all these logics and reasons, only after a certain amount of healing has taken place. Essentially, it wasn’t the Conscious Self, that was making these decisions. It was a deeper sense, a higher consciousness, that propelled me towards the right path.

Interestingly, at the minutest level, there is no gap between hurt and healing. The moment, we get injured or infected, immune bodies/white blood cells rush to the spot to curtail the damage, by coagulating blood, forming scab, increasing temperature, releasing antidotes. It is our in-built first aid system that remains on autopilot 24×7. And same is true for the Higher Self.

While it is easier to understand the response to injuries/infections, as they are tangible, lab test-able procedures, the healing process undertaken by higher consciousness, in response to emotional upheavals is slightly more complicated. Essentially, the procedure is similar, but the ways and speed at which our Higher Self reacts, is so fast that it becomes undecipherable to the negligent self.

Also, the healing simultaneously takes place at various levels. In the example I quoted above, I have talked about the increasing attraction towards orange and yellow color as well. And, here lies the next mystery. Orange color is closely related to the second Chakra in our body, Sacral or Swadishthan Chakra, lying just below the pelvis, and governs our desires. As one may understand, once the foundation is laid, a purpose to build more is required. So, life moves at a steady pace when Root Chakra is amply supported by the next in line, Sacral Chakra, infusing our Base with Desires, wishes to be fulfilled and achieved.

Getting one step ahead, the secret of my sudden affinity towards Yellow color unfolded. Yellow is associated with the third Chakra, Solar Plexus or Manipur, one of the most important energy centre in our body, as it governs our will power, the ability to do things!

It is also called Navel Chakra, as it is closely associated with the navel, the symbolic umbilical cord, the very origin of our existence in this physical world. Nothing can be achieved if the Solar Plexus is not activated, as the individual will not have any zeal or energy to achieve in its absence. So, activating Solar Plexus Chakra was the next masterstroke.

Just look at the sheer brilliance of Higher Self, it had undertaken healing of not one, but three Chakras at one go, while I was busy writhing in pain and disillusionment !

And, believe me, the process continues, as I reflect upon those days and write this article, decked up in blue !!

Though, I have just begun meditation and I am naive to the correct techniques of doing it, but I do have a feeling that Spirituality is the quintessential elixir, we all need. All the answers lie hidden in Higher Self. We must not resist our emotions or ignore our feelings. Something great is continuously at work, engaged in one or other missions, gently pushing us towards Spiritual Goals. Simply surrender your doubts and reap the benefits of healing..

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