Handwritten Constitution of India

As we celebrate the 69th Republic Day, I feel proud to be a part of the largest democracy in World with the longest ever handwritten Constitution!

Yes, many of us may not be aware of the fact that the original copy of our Constitution, was the result of beautiful calligraphy done by a Delhiite Late Sh. Prem Bihari Narain Raizada. He laboriously worked for six months, putting everything on paper using little more than fountain pens!

Sh. Prem Bihari Narain Raizada

Handwritten Constitution

And, to top it all, the man didn’t take any money for the work. Though, he had a condition, that he may be allowed to put his name on every page and be permitted to put his and his grandfather’s name (Ram Prashad) on the last page of the Constitution. Must say, my heart warms up to this true artist. He had created a masterpiece and immortalized himself and his family for generations to come.
I got to see a specimen of the original Constitution on display in National Gallery of Modern Art, a few months ago. And, what a beautiful piece of art it is!

Artwork in Constitution

The calligraphy is stunning and the well decorated margins enhance the charm. There are also a few forms/paintings depicting our ancient/modern history, adorning different parts of our Constitution. The artwork was done by a famous painter from Shantiniketan, Late Sh. Nandlal Bose.

Sh. Nand Lal Bose

While, airing our acerbic views on Country’s shabby state, we do forget how much love and pride was invested in the framing, writing and implementation of our Constitution. Our ancestors did a lot to build a solid foundation. How I wish, we could contribute little more to it, without being cynical.

(The photos are taken from Google as no photography is permitted in the Art Museum, but you can visit it anytime and marvel at the gem produced by these men)

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