Eternal Dream

I hired a Taxi for sightseeing
Wanted to explore life in a Touristy way
To go hiking on High Hills
Looking down in Deep Valleys

But scarcely I knew what Life had in store for me
The Driver was Moody
Left me stranding on Hill Top!

Wearing High Heels and looking Prim and Proper
I was surrounded with garbage and rotten litter
Oh! What have I done to deserve this Fate
I stomped my Foot, grumbled choicest Phrase
But on I trotted, slipping, sliding and getting up in Vain
I knew my plans were in a Ditch, Trip ruined beyond Repair !

Suddenly I stepped on Red sticky, blotched Splash
No it wasn’t Blood, just some Tomato Squashed

I Lost my Balance and went for a topple….
Falling down and down without a single hand to hold
I screamed, I cried, Made hoarse groans
O Lord Almighty! Have pity on Me
Show me a Path, Give me some Clue

As I lost hope, There appeared a Magical Ladder
Rickety, Narrow, Steep, Old but Firm
I held onto it as Noah did to his Ark
With all the trust, courage and Sanity
A Drowning person could Muster

Step by Step I was coming Down,
Still thinking about the Magical person around
Who has Saved me from Myself and this horrendous ground

Tring.. Tring..the phone screamed…
I opened my eyes wide and grabbed it fast
I said Hello in a shaking voice, He was Calm and Cool
And asked Was I very busy?
Naa. I replied, Jolting myself out of that silly Dream
Oh! I was just napping
And, now I am back to the Eternal Dream !

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