Entrepreneur Journeys by Sramana Mitra

Being a first generation entrepreneur, I am always interested in reading stories about other entrepreneurs, since most often than not, they contain invaluable life lessons, which at times come in quite handy. So when I saw Entrepreneur Journeys Volume 1 (How To Stop Looking For A Job), written by Sramana Mitra, I decided to pick it up.

Entrepreneur Journeys is essentially a collection of interviews of 12 entrepreneurs that the author cherry picked for this volume and while not all of them are awe-inspiring or even interesting, they certainly are worth a read and it would have been great, had Entrepreneur Journeys only contained them.

entrepreneur-journeys-vol-1 Unfortunately it does not, it also contains a lot and by that I do mean, a lot, of the inner thinking/feelings/predictions of the author about entrepreneurship and technology in general. Which would still had been digestible, had she not decided to include her 12 page long sales pitch err.. prologue, where she essentially tries to inform the reader about the depth of her knowledge, her past experiences and pitch about 7 other books she is planning to unleash into this world! (six of them under the Entrepreneur Journeys series)

And this at least for me, was the real downer about this otherwise decent book and the real reason why it took me so long to finish it up, even though when I had picked it up, I was hoping it finish it in a week’s time (it took me more than twice as long!)

Of course if you are one of those people, who can digest what Sramana Mitra has to say or skip reading her tidbits completely, then I am sure that you will enjoy this book, much more than I did.

So overall I would have to rate this book as decent, even though I found most of what the author had to say, boring and the title of the book (Entrepreneur Journeys, How To Stop Looking For A Job) not exactly keeping in line with what it actually contains, unless of course you feel that inspiration/feel good stories alone are enough to make people stop looking for a job and start their own ventures!

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