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Effect of Ketu in 8th House for Virgo Ascendant

What is the effect of Ketu in the 8th house of a Virgo ascendant?

8th House is the seat of transformation, Research and Occult. Most of the people fear the 8th House calling it the Mrityu Bhava i.e. House of Death

Similarly Ketu is considered as a malefic causing Grahan Dosha or Pitri Dosha if it sits with the luminaries or for that matter any planet other than Rahu.

However the beauty of life lies in the fact that challenges and events are meant for our growth and not some curse leaped upon our heads by Devtas.

Vedic Astrology works on this beautiful concept that we take birth with a goal to develop our personality and grow at the spirit level. With each birth, some new challenges are given to us and successful completion of the same leads us towards realizing our own higher self.

This is what happens when KETU is placed in 8th House. Ketu is a karaka for spirituality. It is essentially a medium to give Mukti i.e. Liberation from everything. 8th House of Kalpurush Zodiac is considered Ketu’s own house. And hence if placed in 8th House, the natural traits i.e. Karak Tavas of Ketu become active pretty easily.

Learning astrology, doing research, digging deep into mysterious and spiritual subjects would come naturally to a native who has Ketu in 8th House. Additionally as 8th house also denotes other people’s wealth and inheritance, native would definitely recieve wills, insurances and inheritance money easily.

Moreover as for Virgo ascendant, Aries Rashi falls in the 8th house, with Rashi Lord Mars again being a natural karaka for 8th house, this combination is a beautiful one. Aries is a sign of intiation and passion, it means that native has all the essential qualities to venture into astrology and mystic sciences and would also have considerable inheritance in the form of property at his disposal.

BUT since Ketu denotes detachment, it would not leave his real nature of being aloof and detached and it would also mean that native would not feel too happy or attached to the inheritance and insurance money he is receiving. He will have a mukti bhav predominant in him.

Nevertheless there would be huge and sudden changes in native’s life. And he would be able to overcome all the challenges thrown at him . It is essential to note that Virgo is the Rashi of Disputes, Challenges, Shadripus. So the theme of native’s life is to face challenges, disputes and obstacles in daily life. Mercury, the lagna lord, placement would also decide whether the native has the ability and attitude to face it in a negative or positive way. But Ketu’s placement in 8th House definitely gives him some edge and he can come out unscathed and calmly transformed after all the hardships

Ketu in 8th House for Virgo ascendant has more postives than negatives and it ultimately depends upon the native as to whether he wants to continue to curse the challenging life he has received or take reins or rather give reins to Ketu and allow himself to undergo the transformation he is supposed to… Anupama Sarkar

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