There are mornings when we get up and feel great despite the fact that nothing has changed. You have still got up late, the clock is running ahead, there is no time left to enjoy a leisurely bath or prepare a hefty breakfast. You have to run ahead of yourself to manage everything properly.

And yet, in your heart you know that it is a lively lovely morning. Birds are chirping, squirrels are jumping, leaves are singing and wintry chill is mesmerizing with its foggy presence. You get up with a smile on your face, ready to take on the world and charm everyone with your innate happiness.

Actually, it is not about the impression or image you want to create, but more about the joyous existence you wholeheartedly crave that makes the difference. A pretense will fall soon but if your very being is convinced that something good would definitely come up, you can smilingly put aside the insidious remarks and unknowingly overcome the obstacles that could have made you fall hard and flat on the ground.

So, let’s just put on a bright smile on our face, don clean clothes, take a good look in the mirror, put on light makeup, wink a bit at your beautiful demeanor and see the sparkle in your eyes reflect back and illuminate your entire persona. Fix yourself a quick breakfast, eat it slowly and lovingly. Five minutes more won’t make a big difference in the world but would make a sea change in your personality.

And with a renewed vigor, Step out in the outer world with a joyous inner world. Take a deep breath, let the morning fresh air lend a whiff of romance and magic to your entire being. Feel content to indulge in nature’s bounty and with a spring in your feet, tread on. The all new Dawn is yours, enjoy rather than conquer 🙂

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