Pearls of Wisdom

David Baldacci

David Baldacci is one of the most famous American writers. He is considered one of the stalwarts of action based mysteries, with his protagonists being an ex FBI or CIA officer, fighting against corruption and absolute control exercised by Government agencies over the innocent, non suspecting citizens.

He is famous for his Camel Club series, and I recently had to fortune to read one of them Divine Justice. Though, the suspense genre ensures that David need not spend any time on finer nuances of language, and give more importance to events, I could still find a few pearls of wisdom scattered in Divine Justice. Have a look :

1. Lot of important men in this world. But they die just like the rest of us. God’s way of making life fair.

2. Why was it he was more comfortable with the dead than the living? The answer was relatively simple. The dead conveniently never asked questions.

3. Consensus in intelligence circle these days is as elusive as sectarian peace in Iraq.

4. Places are different, and also the same. Some bad and some good everywhere you go.

5. The past is hard to let go of, particularly when the future is a little uncertain.

6. Sometimes the best place to hide is with a lot of people.

7. I’m Irish. We always keep some reserve in the tank.

8. Somethings never change. Boys never grow up, they just get bigger with more hair and people start calling them men.

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