Constructive Criticism

Stumbled upon a complex phrase today : Constructive Criticism. What is it, I am trying to decipher without success.

Everyone loves being admired, praised, being talked about, appreciated but a few frank words may change our entire outlook. It’s never easy to digest a cutting analysis, howsoever deep in import and honest in approach it might be. Though in heart of hearts, we know how much right the other person is but for appearance sake, to defend our image, we appear miffed, criticizing our critic in strongest of words, questioning his intellect, putting forth our own arguments.

So, what exactly triggers such a negative response. Is a critic actually bitter, out to thwart your emotions, shred your self confidence, challenge your authority and undermine your ability or is he a kindred soul who is considerate enough to push you in the right direction, mend your mistakes and open a new vista for you to explore.

How to distinguish between the two and even how to criticize someone without leaving a sour taste in mouth. And if indeed criticism is outwardly appreciated, can it ever be smoothly digested? In that case, how is it ever going to be constructive. On the other hand, if it does not make an impact, it is perhaps not even critical enough!

Though, I sense a strange contradiction as well as a deep connection between the two words : Constructive and Criticism, I fear if it exists in reality or is just a fancy coinage!

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