Is Chaos Always Bad?

Life is a journey and there are many pit stops. Often we get lost mid way, considering the momentary stop as the end. The red flag often appears at the wrong intersection and is able to bring the entire train to a screeching halt. As and when it happens, life becomes difficult, leaving one breathless and confused. As is normal, the person does a somersault and struggles to change the path, trying to ward off an imaginary enemy, avoiding the untimely assault by destiny. And, yet everything continues to go berserk.

Confusing, isn’t it? Yes, it is. And the fact that each one of us acts as a mirror and reflection, and is made up of numerous experiences, creates even greater chaos.

But, is chaos always bad? Can this mayhem be actually doing us good?

Well, I am a lay person, I neither know the professional terms coined over centuries by experts nor am I aware of the psychological processes. However, I do understand a simple fact that Energy does have a mind of its own and the more one thinks of modifying the results, the more diffusing it becomes. If only, we could let the process run its course, probably we would be happier with the change, rather than remaining stuck in marshes.

However, as is human nature, it is easier said than done. Of late, I have also been making some efforts to trace the path it leaves, the stains it has left behind. In a way, trying to carbon date the pits, continuous stress and strain have laid on my energy. The more I read and try to decipher, the surer I am getting about the finicky nature of energy. In fact, the very nature of Energy is confounding. One may very well call it the Soul, the One, the Ultimate or may just leave it nameless because here seriously name calling isn’t going to help.

As I hop from one reading material to another, flipping the yellowed pages of ancient philosophers, listening to charged voice of excited new age gurus or hear with an open heart to the deliberate slow, thought over speeches of Osho, I have concluded one thing for sure, nothing comes for free in this world! Some of them are trying to sell their products, in the form of books, gems or self help videos, others barge ahead with their emphasis on newsletters and subscriptions.

I am all for marketing, rendering service to mankind must not come for cheap, because we tend to attach value to the price tag, the cheaper something is, the lesser emphasis we lay on its significance. And, yes, in that respect, I totally agree that paying a price would actually help in continuing with an online course or tutorial, long after we lose our initial enthusiasm.

And, yet on delving slightly deeper, I discover that we are missing the moot point. The most priceless things are offered to us free of cost. Bounties of benevolent nature, helpful gestures by kindred men, unconditional affection showered upon us by fellow creatures, and most importantly the continuous guidance we receive from our Inner Light is not only absolutely free, but also limitless. The only price one has to shell out is a miniscule amount of time and effort. Spending some time in harmony with oneself, gazing at the vast expanse of night sky with affection and feel a sense of gratitude for moments of happiness that one is able to experience even on the most harassed day.

One may say, it takes time to accept and move on. But, I have realized that it takes no longer than a moment to grasp the reality, fog may be dense but a single ray of light is all you need. And the moment, that light becomes your source of solace, all the troubles would dissipate into thin air. Collect those moments, fill your cup and keep it close to your chest, the treasure is priceless!

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