Changeling, Movie Review

What if your son is kidnapped and then the Police hands him over with fanfare after five months of sleepless nights and endless struggle, only he is not “Your Son”

Well, another oldie, a 2008 movie, Changeling, starring Angelina Jolie is my latest watch. A movie that keeps you glued to your seats, (in my case sofa 😉 ) for pretty much all the time. A movie that exposes police corruption and callousness, in more ways than one. And a movie that upholds a mother’s love in the most bizarre way.

It goes without saying that I loved the movie. Though it did have some potholes, in fact, it’s very plot focused more on police than the serial killer. I would have loved it more if the criminal angle was also given deeper treatment than just being another event in the film. Other than this, the movie is a fantastic watch.
Angelina Jolie has done full justice to her role. And the atmosphere of laidback 1920s with women entering the job market, and given second rate treatment been done full justice. Only thing that irked me throughout was Angelina’s caps, it may have been the fashion back then, but here it simply obscured her features. She looked much better with a hat, as worn in the last scene. Won’t reveal anymore about the storyline here, go watch it if it has piqued your interest, you won’t regret… Anupama Sarkar

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