Nature and Humanity

I saw a Sea when I was small Currents were high, I was enthralled. Sea was majestic, my attention called Then I tasted water and was appalled. The water was salty, not to my taste I was thirsty, so I left in haste. I looked for a brook, which was […]

by September 2, 2010 Poetry

One Body-Two Souls

I am confused, I don’t know what to do In my body, there are souls trapped two. One says, Go and Fight The Other says, Be Polite. One says, Hurry! There is so much to achieve The Other says, Relax! Patience is the key. One pushes me to act fast […]

by July 8, 2010 Poetry

Poor Squirrel

A squirrel came into the house I mistook her as a mouse. But a mouse would not venture in day And, her long tail gave her away. She was running at frantic speed I was afraid to eat or sleep. She wagged her tail & chirped aloud Making all kinds […]

by May 27, 2010 Poetry

My Corner Window

I have a book in my hand But dont seem to comprehend. So, I look out of window And discover grass and meadow. They are not supposed to be here It is summer, how they dare. They grow so profusely Standing against all odds Have they forgotten The law of […]

by May 22, 2010 Poetry

I Wish I Had Wings

I wish I had wings Could fly high in sky Feel the clouds and Say Earth Goodbye. It  must be calming To watch from such height Near the stars Must everything be bright. For a moment I would Drown all my worries Flying atop hills Must seem heavenly. From far […]

by May 20, 2010 Poetry


She is white, the color of milk Her skin is soft, just like silk. She wanders here and there Looking for grass everywhere. But the grass is dry, water is scarce Leaving her thirsty and scared. While she walks even longer Looking for food, crying with hunger. A man rushes […]

by May 17, 2010 Poetry


Hot Summer days are here again Taps are dry yet again Electricity goes off often Leaving one to wonder Is this the start of sweat again? Are hot Summer days here again? Buses are packed People are flocked They smell like sardine And sweat with disdain Its tough to endure […]

by May 16, 2010 Poetry


It is a colorful tiny creature Nature marking clear its feature. Drinks nectar, flies every acre Helping flowers to breed better. Up it goes, spreading wings awide Leaving one breathless behind. It is soft silky to touch One cannot say too much. After all its a tiny creature Nature marking […]

by April 23, 2010 Poetry