An Actor On Stage

An Actor On Stage

A wise man lives to full, Without caring about any lull, Come hail or snow, He is always ready for show. Gathering accolades from one and all Never bothers about the fall, Collects rewards and blame With gentleness of a game Life is not very different from What you see […]

by November 7, 2013 Poetry


Life is a CHALLENGE Face it with a SMILE Life is a CHANCE Grab it in STYLE Life is a SONG Sing it with PASSION Life is a RAMP Walk a floor in FASHION Life is an ELIXIR Drink it with GREED Life is a FARM Plant it with SEED […]

by April 19, 2013 Poetry
Wheels of Time

Wheels of Time

As I look behind, I find A Path lined with Painful Regrets Careless Decisions and Bucketful of Sorrows. As I stare ahead, I tread A Way strewn with Unbound Desires Limitless Hope and Multitude of Dreams. Should I continue to Live in Unalterable Past Or Should I delve ahead into […]

by April 26, 2012 Poetry

A Bird In Cage

A Bird in cage sings no more Hits hard against the door. Stomps his feet,bangs his head Rubs his beak against cold lead. With tattered wings n beady eyes Fills the cage with sad shrill cries. Tired with efforts, he looks at food It disgusts him further, spoils his mood. […]

by October 24, 2011 Poetry

SuPeR MooN

Enjoying a Full Moon night During my regular walk. A strange feeling stirred in me Soaking every pore. Is it the drop of first rain Drenching me whole? Or is it the fall of night dew Washing me ashore? The moon looks bigger Brighter, closer to earth. Looking at the […]

by April 9, 2011 Poetry

Right or Wrong

I drink a glass of water To quench my thirst. I eat a slice of bread To curb my hunger first. It is strange that I can’t endure thirst or hunger. It is stranger that I can’t contain resent or anger. Why is it that I need to revolt? Why […]

by March 21, 2011 Poetry

A Day in My Life

I am motionless, Stationed in a room full of almirahs Cold steely dark almirahs. Curtains drawn, Doors closed, Rusty windows are jammed. I am all alone, in midst of stillness. At times, I feel, I am also drowned in this quietude. Sitting in a sombre mood with brooding thoughts Fighting […]

by March 19, 2011 Poetry

A Blessed Soul

I was sitting in a garden with small flowers Where roses, orchids n marigolds shower. He came close and looked with his two eyes Expressing love hidden behind his cries. He was small, barely two feet tall With an endearing smile and drooping jowl. He lied on ground, rubbed his […]

by March 19, 2011 Poetry