Amish’s Modern Sita Coming Soon

Amish Tripathi is well known for turning legends on their head. He picks up a well known mythological story, chips away at the religious connotations and presents a brand new version of the Myth.

Sans Gods Goddesses, his mythological meanderings are sure to impress the modern age readers, looking for fantasy fiction. He is one of the first authors to cash on the huge possibilities of Indian Myths.

With his first outing, he reinvented Shiva. The trilogy that began with Immortals of Meluha, progressed onto Secret of Nagas and ended with The Oath of the Vayuputras, gained huge popularity among readers. And, scaled high on Best selling books ladder of Amazon and Flipkart.

sita-warrior-of-mithila-amish-tripathi And, now the author has come up with another story, Ramachandra Series. The first book of the series titled Scions of Ikshvaku was published in 2015 and amassed quite a following.

Now, after almost two years, he is out with the second book of Ramachandra Series. Though Amish has clarified that it is not exactly a sequel, rather it would be taking the story back to the beginning.

Intrigued? Well, that’s what Amish’s books do. They play on readers’ curiosity. He is a master in adding twists and turns to a well known story and change it beyond recognition!

He has done it with Shiva, Rama and now it’s the turn of Sita. His latest book is titled Sita:Warrior of Mithila. And traces the story of an orphaned girl, being raised by a King, her struggle to gain recognition as a Warrior and then scaling the heights of people’s devotion.

The book is published by Westland Books and is slated for a release on May 16 on Amazon. Pre order of the book has already begun. Though, it would officially be released on 29th May.

On 3rd May, cover page of the book was released a la movie trailer. Raveena Tandon was the one doing the honors. A muscled Sita, fighting off several men with a huge stick, does look grand.


Have a Dekko and Grab your copy now.

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