Amazon in India : I am Loving it

Just last month, Amazon was launched in India.

While, Amazon is a well known international online seller of electronics, apparels, mobile phones, computers, books and almost everything under the sun, they are taking their lauch in India a bit cautiously.

As an initial experiment, they began with only books and movies and only recently have expanded their reach to phones and cameras. And, as far as books are concerned, their prices are very competitive and their collection quite extensive.

To add even more chutzpah they celebrated their launch by giving away free eBooks for an entire fortnight. I came to know about it a little late, but I have nevertheless managed to grab quite a lot of them. With the result my TBR list has almost doubled. Hopefully, I would read them all and post reviews soon.

The latecomers need not regret, as it is customary with amazon to come out with new deals every few days. Plus, their classic books collection is also quite impressive and most of the well known titles are available for either free or for little cost. The payment is quite simple and invariably in Indian currency.

Right now, they are giving away selective movies and TV Shows at half the original price. As an added incentive, they have waived off delivery charges for a limited period of time on amazon fulfilled items.

Hopefully, Amazon will increase the competition in online shopping and we customers would benefit with better service, more variety and lesser prices. So lets celebrate by buying more and reading more 🙂

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