A Red Rose

A Red Rose bloomed in my little garden.
I swelled with pride of a mighty warden.
How graceful it looked amidsharp thorns.
Ready to spread joy among the lowborns.

But now that Rose is no longer fresh.
It looks weary as if brutally crushed.
My joyous streak has went down.
My smile has turned into a frown.

Why my Rose changed its stance.
I am stupefied, frozen in a trance.
But as I look harder, I realize.
It was my tears that cracked it dry.

writing How shallow is this life!
How hollow its creations!
The Rose withers!
The Thorns sharpen!

Both die but in such different ways.
Beautiful gets ugly, Ugly becomes Evil.
Evil gets desperate & the despo stings!
Yet life continues in a blinding bling!

A Red Rose once bloomed in my little garden!
And I had smiled with pride of a mighty Warden!


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